dance-art- productions:

2018 “ digital touch// After Paradise? ” interdisciplinary- dance-performance (in planning!)

2018  “instant journey” dance performance, for mature dancers 40+ ” (in planning!)                                                                                                                                              

2014  “sans file” dance& aerial- art, work-assignment  with Sarah Trägner, Berlin/ France

2009  “Tanzfieber” performer in documentation-movie, Marcus Behrens and Arte/ RBB/ Germany

2009  “RGB” performing -art- video-installation, Ping Festival/ Spain

2008  “ timeless ” dance-project at, instituto choreografico de la Gomera/ Spain

2007  “ H2O “, dance solo, electro- sound installation, Berlin / Ping Festival/ Spain


2001  “ swiss maid “, solo dance-production; Dock 11, Berlin/ Germany

2000  “ Impro- tango“ Location- project in collaboration with „Milonga-triste“, Berlin

1997  “solo for two” art installation Kriptonale, Berlin/ Germany                                                                                 

1998  „ Frauenzimmer “, dance theater-production; Tanzfabrik, Berlin


scholarship/ residence:

2008 artist in residence at Centro Choreographico de la Gomera, Spain

2007 & 2008 performingartist in residence at Ping Festival, Spain

2001 research- scholarship for choreographers with: Vera Mantero/ Tanzfabrik , Berlin/ Germany

2004 scholarship for choreography -research, from culture -foundation, Berlin/ Germany

1996 scholarship: master classes with Jennifer Muller, Amsterdam, NL


Info & video clips:

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or the following links for dance-Productions/ Insights of my choreographic-work                                                                                           

 – Video Links:  – H2o-for 4#/Excerps:

 – a liquid self” Solo-Insights    https://vimeo.com156430627

stage experience:

2016 “ a liquid self” Solo- excerpts  in collaboration with visual artist Michael Hawk,  

2013  “worldless”   Solo with guest, in collective Neeracher/ Jankowsi, Ping festival, SP

2009   “RGB” multimedia- art Installation in collective  with A.G. Jankowski, Ping Festival, SP

2008  “ we`ll see” video-dance-performance, choreo: Kosmas Kosmopoulos at festival /Greece

2005  “Schillerprojekt” National Theater Mannheim direction: Reinhild Hoffmann, Germany

2004  „Messiahs“ Staatstheater Braunschweig, choreo: Henning Paar, Germany

2003  „corporis “ Ventura-dance company, Zürich CH / Las Palmas, Spain

2003-2004  „Giselle“ Staatstheater Braunschweig, choreo: Henning Paar, Germany

2002  „leben ist schön/ BlokAda“ Tempodrom, choreo: Evgeny Panvilov, Berlin/ Germany

2000  „future of work“ direction : Frederic Flammand, Hannover/ Germany

2000  „ intervista“ Berliner Tanztage, direction : Summer Ulrickson, Berlin/ Germany

1999-2000 „ cuts and slices“ Kunsthaus Tacheles, direction: Helge Musial, Berlin/ Germany

1998  „ fait d`hiver “ Toula Limnaios- Company, Berlin/ Bruxelles                                                                   

1997  „ Pauli Passion“ dance-theater-Brandenburg& young NDT choreo: Dylan Newcomb/NL                                                                                                                                                            

1997  „ Morphee“ Theater Hallesches Ufer, choreo: Helge Musial, Berlin/ Germany                                        

1996  „ Perfect strangers“ Theater HAU 1, Berlin, directed : Alex B. Berlin/ Germany                                            

1995  „ Moses and Ahron“ Netherlandse Opera, direction: Peter Stein, Amsterdam/ NL                                         

1994 -1995  Cloud Chamber Dance Theater, Amsterdam, direction: Ron Bunzl/ USA/ NL                                    

1994  Shusaku Dormu Dance Theatre, Amsterdam/ Japan


a liquid self (2016)