Eve Neeracher

is born in Switzerland (with home base Berlin) received her BA in dance at Codarts/ Rotterdam, Netherlands and the CH-Tanztheater Zürich; continued studies in dance –therapy, somatic & Bodywork, Yoga.

She danced in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain in various Theaters & Companys like: the Netherlandes Opera, Cloud Chamber Dancetheater, Shusaku Dormu Company, Toula Limnaios Company, Ventura Dance Company, open Air-Project of Young NDT Choreographer Dylan Newcomb, Frederik Flammand, at the Staatstheater Braunschweig with Henning Paar, at National Theater Mannheim with Reinhild Hoffmann … and was part of diverse international freelance dance productions. Since 1998 she choreographed various dance-performances like: „Frauenzimmer“, „swiss maid“, „worldless“, „H2O“ ,“RGB“, “a liqude self”…

As the co/founder and artistic director  of the dance Company Across the divide (Basel& Berlin) she is creating interdisciplinary dance- performances in collaboration with mature dance- and performing artists.  

Eve Neeracher`s  classes and workshops are strongly connected to her current choreographic -work, giving the participants a first-hand experience of current movement material and influences of the creative process. She combines technical skills playfully with her strong passion for improvisation arts and a wide research-field, to open up into a “multimedia-experimental –space” with a focus on internal dialogues, by condensing the physical and personal inputs into authentic artistic development.

As a teacher/ Choreographic-Assistant (contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, interdisciplinary improvisation)  she works currently as Company -Trainer for: dance Companie Volkstheater Rostock, dance- theater Company Staatstheater -Braunschweig, she gives Professional dance-Training at Basel Profi-Training, Studio Marameo Berlin. And more…

As the founder of her unique research-method: *bodyscriptures & movingmind-diary dance* she teaches intensive-workshops and Chreo-labs in Europe, leads certified- educations for dance pedagogic & holistic bodywork and supports dance-artists with mentoring/ artistic –coaching programs.                                                                                    

As a lecturer for contemporary dance and improvisation-arts, she has experience in versatilles educational art & culture institutions such as: UDK, University of arts Berlin, National Ballett-School Berlin, dance- Akademie Balance 1 Berlin, Tut-Hannover, Tanz-Zentrale Leipzig.etc.