Artistic Statement


“I experience dance-performance as a multimedia-based art form, strongly tied to other genres. In my choreographic- projects I explore this as a lively interdisciplinary process and I am curious to develop ideas of a genre-crossing nature. 

 I search for authentic, biographical input and socially relevant and confrontational topics. By means of intense examination I aim to break through internal and external boundaries. By finding the courage to face instability and the unfamiliar and by amplifying the individuality and the personalities of the performers, the subject matter in all its density becomes visible, within a succinct physical presence. My work as an explorative Choreographer/dance-artist is connected to my strong passion for improvisation as very important tool. My choreographic process is also tied closely to my own method of research such as “diary dance bodyscriptures & movingmind” my interdisciplinary- research concept that includes creative writing and other media.  

I value a deep dialogue between the performers in the collaborative rehearsal process. Each performer reveals his/her “true essence” in order to find his/her unique way in the interpretation of movement materials developed by myself prior to the rehearsal. This essence also carries into structured improvisations weaved into the set choreography, further embodying the underlying basic concept and approach of the piece.

My artistic intention and approach opens a room in which the performers can explore—together, and following their own curiosity. This helps shape the collective power of the piece, and the clarity of its intention to be revealed on stage within the interdisciplinary structure.”